B.Tech Automation & Robotics degree: Eligibility & Career.

B.Tech Automation & Robotics degree

The B.Tech Automation & Robotics degree is a gateway to the exciting and transformative field of automation, where technology meets innovation. 

Automation and robotics is a rapidly growing field that combines engineering principles with computer science to design, build, and operate machines and systems that can perform tasks autonomously. Automation and robotics engineers use their skills to develop new technologies and applications that can improve efficiency, productivity, and safety in a wide range of industries.

This program empowers students with the knowledge and skills needed to design, build, and control automated systems, shaping the future of industries.

Course Duration and Eligibility:

The B.Tech Automation & Robotics program is a 4-year undergraduate program. To be eligible for admission, students must have completed their 12th grade with a minimum of 60% marks in Mathematics and Physics.

Why choose this course:

There are many reasons to choose the B.Tech Automation & Robotics program. Here are just a few:

  • Automation and robotics are some of the fastest-growing fields in technology today.
  • Graduates of the program will be in high demand by employers across a wide range of industries.
  • The program provides a strong foundation in the fundamentals of automation and robotics, as well as the latest technologies and applications.
  • The program includes a strong emphasis on hands-on experience, so students will have the opportunity to work on real-world automation and robotics projects.

The B.Tech Automation and Robotics is an ideal choice for individuals who wish to be at the forefront of the automation revolution. This course offers a unique blend of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering, providing a comprehensive understanding of automation technologies and their applications.

Major Subjects and Syllabus:

The B.Tech Automation & Robotics program covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Mechanics of robotics
  • Electronics and circuits
  • Electrical machines
  • Control systems
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Microprocessors and microcontrollers
  • Programming for automation and robotics
  • Robotics applications

Students will also engage in hands-on projects to gain practical experience in building and programming automated systems.

Skills Developed from this course:

Graduates of the B.Tech Automation & Robotics degree will have the following skills:

  • Strong foundation in mathematics and science
  • Knowledge of the principles of automation and robotics
  • Ability to design, build, and operate robots and automated systems
  • Programming skills in Python, C++, and other programming languages
  • Hands-on experience with robotics hardware and software

Graduates will acquire a diverse skill set, including proficiency in automation technologies, programming, system integration, and problem-solving. They will be well-equipped to design and optimize automated systems for various industries.

Career opportunities available:

Graduates of the B.Tech Automation & Robotics degree will have a wide range of career opportunities available to them. They can work as:

  • Automation engineers
  • Robotics engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Quality control engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Technical support engineers
  • Application engineers
  • Entrepreneurs

Industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, and aerospace offer numerous opportunities for automation experts.


The B.Tech Automation and Robotics is a great choice for students who are interested in pursuing a career in one of the most exciting and in-demand fields in technology today. 

In conclusion, the B.Tech Automation and Robotics is a dynamic course that paves the way for students to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of automation. It opens doors to a world of opportunities in industries hungry for automation experts, making it an exciting and rewarding career path.

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