MA Public Administration course: Eligibility & Career.

M.A Public Administration course

Welcome to the MA Public Administration course, where you’ll embark on a transformative academic journey in the realm of governance and public service. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to cultivate the leadership, analytical, and managerial skills required to navigate the complexities of the public sector. 

Whether you aspire to work in government, nonprofit organizations, or the private sector, this program will empower you to make a meaningful impact on society. Let’s shape a brighter future through effective and ethical public administration practices. Your path to becoming a capable public servant begins here!

Course Duration and Eligibility:

Duration: MA Public Administration course duration 2 years divided into 4 semester

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university with a minimum of 50% marks (aggregate).

Process: Some reputed institutes and universities may also conduct an entrance examination for admission.

Admission: Some universities may have additional eligibility criteria, such as work experience or a specific undergraduate degree. It is always best to check the specific requirements of the university you are interested in applying to.

Why choose this course:

Expertise in Public Policy: The program equips students with in-depth knowledge of public policy development and implementation. This expertise enables graduates to contribute to the creation of effective policies that address societal challenges and improve governance systems.

eadership and Management Skills: MA Public Administration develops strong leadership and management skills, teaching students how to effectively lead teams, make informed decisions, and navigate complex organizational environments. These skills are valuable in various professional settings and can lead to managerial positions.

Social Impact: Public administration professionals play a vital role in shaping public policies and implementing programs that have a direct impact on society. Studying MA Public Administration program provides individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to positive social change and improve the lives of communities.

Major Subjects and Syllabus:

The core subjects in the MA Public Administration program may vary slightly depending on the university or institution. However, some common core subjects found in the syllabus include:

Introduction to Public Administration: Overview of the field of public administration, including its history, theories, and practices.

Organizational Theory and Behavior: Principles and practices of organizational behavior in the public sector, including motivation, leadership, and communication.

Human Resources Management: Human resources management in the public sector, including recruitment, training, performance evaluation, and labor relations.

Public Policy Analysis: Understanding of the policy-making process in the public sector, including policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation.

Quantitative Methods for Public Administration: Use of quantitative methods and tools in public administration, including statistics, data analysis, and modeling.

Ethics and Leadership in Public Administration: Ethical and leadership challenges faced by public administrators, including accountability, transparency, and integrity.

Skills Developed from this course:

Develop the skills and knowledge to lead and manage public sector organizations. Learn how to design, implement, and evaluate public policies and programs.

Gain expertise in public financial management, human resources, and performance measurement. Develop the skills to manage public resources effectively and efficiently.

Become a skilled communicator and negotiator: Learn how to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders and resolve complex problems.

Develop your ethical and analytical skills: Learn how to make ethical decisions and analyze complex public policy issues.

Prepare for a rewarding career in public service: Public administrators play a vital role in shaping and implementing public policies that affect the lives of millions of people.

Career opportunities available:

MA Public Administration graduates can find employment opportunities in various government departments and agencies at the local, state, and national levels. These include roles in policy formulation, public finance management, public service administration, and public relations.

Job Roles:

  • Public Administration Officer 
  • Policy Analyst
  • Program Manager 
  • Government Consultant
  • Public Affairs Specialist 
  • Legislative Analyst
  • Program Evaluation Specialist 

MA Public Administration course graduates can also pursue a career in academia as professors or researchers. They can contribute to the field by conducting research, teaching courses on public administration, and mentoring the next generation of professionals in the field.


This course provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to write a comprehensive and concise conclusion for the MA Public Administration program. Students will learn various techniques and strategies to effectively summarize key findings and recommendations in a succinct manner. 

Through practical exercises and case studies, students will develop the ability to synthesize complex information and present it in a clear and impactful manner. By the end of the MA Public Administration, students will be equipped with the tools to craft a well-rounded conclusion that effectively communicates the significance and implications of their research in the field of Public Administration.

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