MA Tamil course: Eligibility & Career.

MA Tamil course

Welcome to the enriching journey of pursuing an MA Tamil course. This esteemed program delves deep into the rich cultural and literary heritage of the Tamil language, and Tamil people. It offers an exhaustive understanding of its history, literature, and linguistic nuances. 

As you embark on this academic voyage, you’ll explore the fascinating world of Tamil literature, poetry, and prose, while honing your language skills to fluency. Our dedicated faculty and a supportive learning environment await you to nurture your passion for Tamil and open doors to a world of knowledge and opportunity. 

Course Duration and Eligibility:

The MA Tamil is a 2-year postgraduate course offered by universities and colleges in India.

The course is divided into four semesters, each of which has a duration of 6 months.

The course is open to graduates in Tamil or a related language.

The minimum eligibility requirement is a bachelor’s degree with 50% marks.

Why choose this course:

Contribute to preserving cultural heritage: MA Tamil program students become a custodian of an ancient language and literature. You will have the opportunity to contribute to the preservation and promotion of Tamil culture, literature, and traditions, ensuring that they thrive for future generations.

Bridge cultural gaps and foster inclusivity: In a world that is increasingly interconnected, knowing Tamil can help bridge cultural gaps and foster inclusivity. MA Tamil degree graduates can contribute to cross-cultural dialogue, promote understanding, and build bridges between different communities, both within and outside of India.

Major Subjects and Syllabus:

The MA Tamil course covers a range of subjects related to the Tamil language and literature. Some major subjects covered in the course are:

  • Sanga Ilakkiyam
  • Idaikala Ilakkiyam
  • Ilakkia Kolgaigal
  • Vaaname Yellai
  • Tamil Grammar
  • Tamil Literature
  • Linguistics
  • Culture
  • Philosophy of the language

The MA Tamil degree provides students with an in-depth understanding of the language, literature, and culture of Tamil Nadu. The syllabus is structured to cover both ancient and modern Tamil literature subjects.

Skills Developed from this course:

Advanced language skills: Students will develop a deep understanding of the Tamil language, including its grammar, vocabulary, and usage.

Literary analysis skills: MA Tamil program students will learn to analyze and interpret Tamil literature, both classical and contemporary.

Research skills: Students will develop the skills necessary to conduct independent research on topics related to Tamil language and literature.

Communication skills: Students will improve their communication skills, both oral and written, in Tamil.

Creative writing skills: Students will develop their creative writing skills in Tamil, studying poetry, fiction, and drama.

Cultural awareness: Students will gain a deeper understanding of Tamil culture and its history.

Career opportunities available:

Teaching: MA Tamil program graduates can pursue a career in teaching and literature at schools, colleges, and universities. They can become teachers, lecturers, or professors.

Translation and Interpretation: With their in-depth understanding of Tamil language and literature, M.A Tamil graduates can work as translators and interpreters. They can help translate texts, documents, and speeches from Tamil to other languages, facilitating communication and understanding.

Publishing and Journalism: M.A Tamil candidates can explore opportunities in publishing houses and media organizations. They can work as editors, content writers, or journalists, contributing to Tamil literature, journalism, and media by writing articles, stories, and news reports.

Research and Academics: MA Tamil degree graduates choose to pursue research and academic careers. They can work as research scholars, conducting studies and contributing to the field of Tamil language and literature. 

Cultural and Heritage Organizations: M.A Tamil candidates can find employment in cultural and heritage organizations, working towards the preservation and promotion of the Tamil language and culture. 


The MA Tamil course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the Tamil language, literature, and culture. Throughout this course, students will develop advanced skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Tamil. They will also gain a deep appreciation for the rich literary traditions of Tamil through the study of classical and contemporary Tamil texts.

In addition to language and literature, this course also covers various aspects of Tamil culture, including art, music, and folklore. Students will gain insights into the social, religious, and political dimensions of Tamil society, and how these factors have shaped the language and its literature.

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