MBA—IEV Development Program Details, Subjects, Career.

MBA—IEV Development Program

Welcome to the stimulating domain of MBA Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development, a transformative program designed to nurture creative thinkers, visionary leaders, and successful entrepreneurs. MBA—IEV Development Program transcends traditional business education, focusing on cultivating the mindset and skills necessary to drive innovation and venture creation.

Our MBA program is a dynamic blend of business acumen, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit. Geared towards preparing leaders who can navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving business landscape, this course strongly emphasizes fostering creativity, strategic thinking, and the ability to turn ideas into successful ventures.

Course Duration and Eligibility:

The duration of the MBA Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development typically spans two years. Eligibility criteria may vary by institution, but candidates with bachelor’s degrees in any discipline from a recognized university are generally eligible to apply for the MBA—IEV Development Program.

Why choose this course:

Here are the reasons to pursue an MBA—IEV Development Program:

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Immerse yourself in an environment that nurtures and hones your entrepreneurial instincts.
  • Hands-On Learning: Experience real-world application through project-based learning, business simulations, and industry leaders’ interactions.
  • Global Perspective: Gain insights into global innovation ecosystems, preparing you for a borderless entrepreneurial landscape.

Major Subjects and Syllabus:

The curriculum of the MBA Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development degree typically comprises core and elective courses, skill certifications, capstone projects, and action learning segments.  

Innovation Management:

  • Design Thinking
  • Open Innovation Strategies

Entrepreneurial Finance:

  • Funding Strategies for Startups
  • Financial Management for New Ventures

Venture Development:

  • Business Model Innovation
  • Launching and Scaling Ventures

Skills Developed from this course:

Upon completion of the MBA Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development degree, you will develop skills such as:

  • Creativity and Innovation: Cultivate a creative mindset and the ability to innovate in the business context.
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship: Develop strategic thinking to identify and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Leadership in Uncertainty: Build resilience and leadership skills to thrive in entrepreneurship’s dynamic and uncertain world.

Job sectors available:

MBA Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development degree explores diverse and exciting career paths, including:

  • Entrepreneur/Founder: Launch and lead your own venture.
  • Innovation Manager: Drive innovation within established organizations.
  • Venture Capital Analyst: Evaluate and invest in promising startups.


In the vibrant world of business and innovation, the MBA Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development positions you as a dynamic and visionary professional. Your journey toward becoming a successful entrepreneur and innovative leader begins here, where each module is designed to challenge and inspire you. Step into a future of limitless possibilities and transformative leadership. Welcome to the MBA Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development!

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