MPT Cardio Pulmonary course Details, Subjects, Career.

MPT Cardio Pulmonary course

The MPT Cardio Pulmonary course is a postgraduate program that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of heart and lung-related diseases. It provides in-depth knowledge and practical skills in the field of cardiorespiratory physiotherapy. Below is a comprehensive overview of the MPT Cardio-Pulmonary program, including its introduction, duration, and eligibility. Also, reasons to choose the course, major subjects and syllabus, skills developed, career opportunities, and a concluding summary.

The MPT Cardio-Pulmonary program delves into the diagnosis and management of heart and lung disorders. It equips students with the necessary expertise to address cardiopulmonary issues through physiotherapeutic interventions.

Course Duration and Eligibility:

The MPT Cardio Pulmonary course duration is 2 years, and it is offered by various universities and colleges. It is open to candidates who have completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) or an equivalent degree from a recognized university.

Why choose this course:

The MPT Cardio Pulmonary course offers a myriad of career opportunities in the healthcare sector. Graduates can pursue roles in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, sports clinics, and academic institutions. The program provides specialized knowledge and practical skills to address the rising prevalence of cardiopulmonary conditions, making it a rewarding career choice.

Major Subjects and Syllabus:

The curriculum of the MPT Cardio-Pulmonary degree covers a wide range of subjects, including:

  • medical and surgical management of cardiopulmonary disorders
  • physiotherapy management in cardiopulmonary conditions
  • research methodology
  • biostatistics

Students also engage in clinical practice and seminars on clinical issues to gain practical exposure and enhance their critical thinking abilities.

Skills Developed from this course:

Upon completion of the MPT Cardio-Pulmonary degree, students acquire advanced skills in assessing and treating cardiac and respiratory ailments. They also develop expertise in research methodology, patient care, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Which are essential for a successful career in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy.

Job sectors available:

Graduates of the MPT Cardio-Pulmonary degree can explore diverse career paths, including roles in cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary care, critical care units, and academic research. The program equips students with the necessary competencies to make significant contributions to the healthcare industry and improve patient outcomes.


In conclusion, the MPT Cardio-Pulmonary program is a promising postgraduate program that offers a comprehensive understanding of cardiorespiratory physiotherapy and opens doors to a wide array of career opportunities. By enrolling in this course, students can embark on a dynamic journey towards a fulfilling and impactful career in the healthcare sector.

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