IBS – Hungary

IBS - Hungary

IBS (International Business School) is a private institution located in Budapest, Hungary. It offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in business, finance, international relations, and other related fields. The university follows a practical-oriented approach to education, combining theoretical knowledge with real-world business skills. It has a diverse student body and provides an international learning environment

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Programs Offered

  • Masters in Nursing
  • M.A Criminology and Social Policy
  • M.A Education
  • M.A International Relations
  • M.A Leadership in Education
  • M.A Mass Communications
  • Master of Laws
  • M.Sc International Public Health
  • M.Sc Psychology
  • International University Foundation
  • Msc in Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Msc in Strategic International Management
  • Msc in Strategic Finance
  • Msc in Strategic Marketing
  • Msc in IT for Business Data Analytics
  • Mba in Strategic Data-driven Management

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