MA Political Science course: Eligibility & Career.

MA Political Science course

MA Political Science course is a transformative academic journey that delves deep into the intricate world of politics, governance, and international relations. This program offers a comprehensive exploration of political theories, contemporary issues, and analytical tools essential for understanding the complex dynamics shaping our global landscape. 

As aspiring political scholars, you will have the opportunity to engage in rigorous research, critical discourse, and intellectual growth, empowering you to become informed and influential agents of positive change in an ever-evolving political arena. Join us in this intellectually stimulating endeavor to unravel the mysteries of politics and contribute meaningfully to the betterment of society. Your path to becoming a seasoned political analyst begins here.

Course Duration and Eligibility:

In India, the MA Political Science course has a duration of 2 years, which is further divided into 4 semesters. The eligibility criteria for an MA Political Science are as follows:

Bachelor’s degree in Political Science or any relevant field with a percentage of 50% or more.

Graduation degree with Honors in Politics or Politics as one of the subjects studied in graduation from a recognized university/college.

Minimum 45% – 50% marks aggregate in all three years of graduation.

Some colleges and universities may require a minimum of 55% marks in the Bachelor’s degree, specifically in Political Science or a related discipline.

Why choose this course:

Research and Writing Skills: The MA Political Science course emphasizes research methodologies, data analysis, and academic writing skills. Students learn to conduct independent research, write comprehensive reports, and present findings effectively, preparing them for careers that require strong research and communication abilities.

Global Perspective and Understanding: Political Science is a multidisciplinary field that examines the political dynamics at local, national, and international levels. Students gain a global perspective on political issues, enabling them to understand the interconnectedness of nations, international relations, and global challenges. This global understanding is crucial in today’s increasingly interconnected world.

Major Subjects and Syllabus:

MA Political Science program syllabus covers major subjects like:

  • Political Theory and Thought
  • Comparative Politics
  • International Relations
  • Public Administration
  • Public law 

electives may include:

  • Public Policy and Administration
  • Contemporary Political Issues
  • Research Methodology
  • Human Rights and International Law
  • Political Sociology

These subjects are a combination of lectures, tutorials, and seminars. Students are also required to complete a dissertation on a topic of their choice.

Skills Developed from this course:

Leadership skills: Through group projects, debates, and simulations, students develop leadership skills. The skills include the ability to work collaboratively, negotiate, and resolve conflicts.

Communication skills: Political science students develop excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. They learn how to express their ideas clearly and persuasively through essays, presentations, and class discussions. 

Research skills: The course equips students with strong research skills, including the ability to gather, analyze, and synthesize information from a variety of sources. 

Job sectors available:

MA Political Science program candidates can find jobs in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Government: Public administration, policy analysis, foreign service, intelligence, national security
  • Nonprofit: Advocacy, research, international development, human rights
  • Media: Journalism, political commentary, public relations, social media management
  • Education: Teaching, research, academia
  • Business: Government relations, corporate social responsibility, consulting

These are just a few examples, and there are many other opportunities available to MA Political Science candidates. With their strong analytical and critical thinking skills, they are well-positioned for careers in a variety of fields.


The MA Political Science program offers students a comprehensive understanding of political theories, systems, and processes. This course equips students with advanced analytical and research skills to critically analyze and evaluate political phenomena. Students will explore various topics, including international relations, comparative politics, political philosophy, and public policy. 

Through engaging lectures, seminars, and research projects, students will develop the ability to effectively communicate their findings and propose informed solutions to political challenges. MA Political Science is designed to prepare students for careers in government, academia, research, and international organizations.

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